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love the life you live!

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Prioritizing your mental health & wellness means you are intentionally working on having a healthy life & mental wellness — and doing those things in life that feels right to YOU.

It takes more than some random posts or string of inspirational quotes to change your mindset.  You must be intentional in gaining & protecting your peace and sanity at all times.

As much as you help others seek help they need for their life issues, it's time to show up for your own mental health & wellness as you find effective ways to have a healthy mental health.


Mental health & wellness care should not be expensive and inaccessible, nor should it be time-consuming.  And even if you've located an amazing therapist, finding ways to energize your life in between sessions can sometimes be difficult.


That's why ENERGIZE|HER is here

— to provide YOU access to life & mental health & wellness providers, PLUS simple, doable ways to put your life & mental health & wellness

first every day.

At ENERGIZE|HER, there's no judgment.

No shame.  Just your progress.


Keep going, you'll get there—and one day, before you know it, prioritizing your life & mental wellness will be your every day routine.

Sign up for our [free] newsletter to get mental wellness expert advice,
support and candid conversations delivered right to your inbox.
No shame | No judgment

The energy behind


As a woman who endured a 15-year struggle of not prioritizing her own mental wellness, Founder Tameka Chapman knows what it's like to feel lost and uncertain about life. 

Desiring to create a world where prioritizing your life & mental health + wellness is destigmatized and the conversations are normalized, she created

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energizeHER podcast


Classic Title

ENERGIZE|HER is the top women's empowerment podcast showcasing influential women who openly share their journeys as it relates to mental health, women's health + wellness, fitness + nutrition, relationships, careers, entrepreneurship, personal and professional development, finances, and parenting.

Tune in every Sunday at 7pm EST/6pm CST on all podcast platforms!

Also available as a video podcast on Mogul TV Global Network!

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Mental Health Experts, Mental Wellness Coaches, Psychiatrists, Nutrition Experts, Relationship Experts, Wealth Coaches

Are you a life coach, mental health expert, mental wellness expert, health + wellness coach, nutrition coach, relationship expert, or money coach?

Become a partner with ENERGIZE|HER Life & Mental Wellness!

The ENERGIZE|HER Life & Mental Wellness brand is the world's first life & mental wellness ecosystem for women created to normalize and destigmatize the conversations about mental health, providing resources to regain a healthy mental health status.

The benefits for listing your business as a resource on the ENERGIZE|HER Life & Mental Wellness brand:

  • Aid in women having direct access to find you

  • Access to over 10K women who are seeking guidance and advice from professionals with your expertise

  • Ability to onboard clients who are ready for their transformation

  • Your business listed in our online directory (SEO optimized)

  • Constant promotion to the online community

  • Ability to participate in upcoming energizeHER events

  • Logo added to your website in support of the ENERGIZE|HER platform

Let's hop on a call to see if we're a good fit!  wondermind  selena gomez  mental fitness ecosystem mental health resources for women  mind your mind  mind your mental  energizeHER life & mental wellness

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