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The message the world needs to hear... right now.

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The #1 book written by mental health and wellness professionals and individuals with life experiences to bring solace to millions of men, women and children around the world!

The last thing an individual who is struggling with mental health challenges needs to hear is someone saying "It's Just In Your Head".

Mental Health America,, Adult Data 2022

The stats listed above proves that it's NOT just in your head and it's up to us to ensure that this message travels the world in the most delicate, yet straight-forward method so that the individuals who need help knows how to properly seek help and loved ones will learn how to properly offer support.

We are seeking mental health and wellness professionals and experts and individuals with life experiences
to join this phenomenal project to share relevant information about the various challenges that individuals with mental health challenges often face.

This book will serve multiple purposes, which includes the following:

Allows loved ones to read and become informed about mental health signs, symptoms, treatments and how to speak to their family and friends who are struggling

Allows individuals who are struggling to read and learn that they are not alone in what they are experiencing, providing guidance that leads them to seek proper care and help to restore them to a healthy mental health status

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We can read on the internet about how to support our family and friends who are experiencing mental health challenges:

  • Ask them if they're OK

  • Be an active listener

  • Encourage them to seek proper help

  • Check on them, often

However, without the proper education on mental health challenges, being supportive can be really hard, leading to frustration from all.


The "It's NOT Just In My Head" book will educate family and friends of individuals who are currently suffering with mental health challenges on the proper ways to be a support without triggering an event.

With stronger relationships and family support in mental health recovery, the loved one is set up for success. They can focus more on their mental health and less on their family problems that could be contributing to their disorder or making it worse.                                     2019

Author Information

It's NOT Just In My Head is more than just another book project.
With millions of individuals' mental health being impacted by a plethora of life, societal changes and challenges, it is imperative that we find ways to connect and help restore the state of mental health and wellness to a healthy status.


The investment to participate in the "It's NOT Just In My Head" book, is $400.

Pay $250 to reserve your chapter.
Remaining Balance $150 due by 12/30/2022.
DEADLINE TO JOIN: December 18, 2022


  • Signed Author's Release

  • Adhere to the timeline below

  • Participate in proper book promotion

  • Submit a chapter with a max of 1500 words

  • Adhere to chapter format (provided after you join)

  • Chapter must be an original presentation of your writing

  • Be available for a 1:1 conversation to speak about your chapter


  • Custom promotion graphics

  • Press Release (individual and group)

  • One (1) copy of final released book

  • Purchase additional books at cost

  • Full editing services by team of editors

  • It's NOT Just In My Head virtual conference (pre-recorded)

  • Appear as show guest on Mogul TV Global Network

  • Listed in "The State of My Mental" directory as a professional partner

  • Listed in "ENERGIZE|HER Life & Mental Wellness" directory as a professional partner

January 6, 2023
All chapters are due from authors

January 31, 2023
Authors will receive edited chapters to review and approve
(make any changes NOW)

February 7, 2023
Authors must respond to initial chapter edits

February 21, 2023
Authors will receive final edited chapters to review for typos & misspelled words/names

February 28, 2023
Authors must respond to final chapter edits

March 21, 2023
Book Launch!


We would love for you to join us as we set out to transform lives across the globe by helping to restore the mental health status of men, women and children by letting them know that it's not just in their head?

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